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10 Classic movies that featured Champagne

When it comes to fizz in the movies it can usually be assured of being Champagne. When those special on screen moments occur and a glass of bubbly or two is required then no less than a recognised Champagne label will do.

Over the years there have been many guests and sponsored appearances for Champagne labels in classic movies that sometimes pass us by without notice though some for sure will be highly famous for their roles. Let us take a look at 10 classic movies that featured Champagne:

  1. Sons of the Desert – 1931: Starring the much loved comedy duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy back in the classic black and movie days of the Hal Roach era, we see an early appearance from a Champagne label. As Stan and Ollie sit at the table during a live cabaret (one that their wives did not know about) and Charley Chase orders a bottle of ‘bubble water’ it is Piper-Heidsieck that they are drinking.
  2. James Bond series – 1962 to present day: What list would be complete without a mention of James Bond. From the first movie of Dr No in 1962 and a selection of fine James bonds from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, it has been a mixture of vodka Martinis and Champagne as the drinks primarily featured. The original Champagne was Taittinger and since then both Dom Perignon and Bollinger have featured.
  3. Philadelphia – 1993: Tom Hanks and Denzil Washington star in this classic movie about a man who had aids. Emotional and meaningful throughout, near the end of the film Dom Perignon can be seen as a gift to Tom from Denzil whilst visiting him in hospital.
  4. Jurassic Park – 1993: During a discussion between Sam Neill and Richard Attenborough we can see a bottle of Moet & Chandon in Richard’s hand.
  5. Carry on Loving – 1970: Yes even these comedy classics made on the tightest of budgets still see Champagne appearing here and there. In this movie, we have a finale that sees a food throwing frenzy and Sid James takes a bottle of Moet & Chandon and pours it over Hattie Jacques head.
  6. Once Upon a Crime – 1992: A story based on a trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco, where Marilyn (Cybill Shepherd) and her husband, Neil (James Belushi) take the main roles along with a supporting cast of John Candy, George Hamilton and Giancarlo Giannini. Champagne Piper-Heidsieck can be seen on numerous occasions.
  7. About Last Night… – 1986: A romantic setting and a dinner for two sees Demi Moore and Rob Lowe enjoy Champagne Perrier-Jouët at the table together.
  8. Moonstruck – 1987: The American romantic comedy film starring Cher and Nicolas Cage sees the appearance of Champagne G. H. Mumm on a couple of occasions being poured and enjoyed.
  9. Pretty Woman – 1990: Starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts this is the Cinderella style movie that captivated millions and remains still an iconic blockbuster. An outside scene sees Champagne Moet & Chandon being poured for guests.
  10. The Godfather: Part 3 – 1990: The ultimate mafia boss Don Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) grabs two slices of cake in one scene and six bottles of Champagne Veuve Clicquot can be seen in the background just waiting to be poured and enjoyed!